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A County Agricultural Inspector must be appointed by law for each of Minnesota’s 87 counties by the Board of Commissioners. These inspectors also assist the Minnesota Department of Agriculture with laws regarding seeds, feeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and plant pests.

Minnesota Noxious Weed Law

Noxious Weeds refers to growing plants. Some plants are noxious because they can harm people, animals, the food we eat, and nature. Minnesota Department of Agriculture and county officials inspect land and ask owners to destroy their noxious weeds. Destroying them stops them from spreading and harming neighbors. Land owners that refuse to destroy their noxious weeds can be forced to do so.

Cook County Invasives Team

The purpose of the CCIT is to encourage and formalize the cooperative relationship necessary for effective management, coordination and implementation of invasive terrestrial, aquatic and plant species programs among interested parties.

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