Our Mission

To ensure the fair and equitable assessment of all property in Cook County, with a commitment to the treatment of all taxpayers in a professional and respectful manner, ensuring that all property owners pay no more than their fair share of the property tax burden.

County Assessor

State statute requires our office to revalue property every year to reflect real estate market conditions. We are required to make sure assessment values are between 90% and 105% of actual market value. In addition, we physically inspect property every 5 years and verify all permits. 

Values are based on sales of comparable properties. Characteristics of the land, size, quality, and condition of the improvements also play a crucial part to the overall assessed value. 

Property classification is based on the current use of the property. When there is no apparent use, the property is classified as the highest and best use for the property. 

Various property tax relief programs are in place, such as: 
  • Managed Forest
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Sustainable Forests Incentive Act
  • Homesteading
We Add Value By: 
  • Protecting ownership through the maintenance of all parcel transactional records
  • Protecting individual rights through the recording and maintenance of vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses
  • Assisting a variety of individuals from historians to realtors on the basics of how to search for the information they need
  • Providing a traceable history of the growth and economic history of Cook County dating back to the 1870’s